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Fall River like any other city has it's "ups and downs" I myself am rather fond of Fall River. The city on a Hill filled with ethnic diversity including an abundance of European Immigrant traditions as well as gorgeous old Victorian Homes and neighborhoods.
Fall River was named after the Quequechan; a Native American, which translates into "falling water". The Quequechan River runs through the city which overlooks the Taunton River and flows into Mt. Hope Bay. The river, along with all the salt used in the winters here, are the main causes for all the "potholes" So my suggestion is be aware and drive slowly. enjoy the sites.

If someone tells you to Cruise the "Ave" there are much better ways to waste your gas such as drive from Somerset to Little Portugal in 5 minutes flat.

You might find a sign that reads: "Next time you cut through my yard go around" or never-ending one way streets large enough for 2 lanes, and two way streets one lane wide. But again, Drive slowly! Some potholes have been known to swallow entire Toyota sedans.

Fall Rivers hails the unsolved mystery of Lizzie Borden; acquitted of the hatchet murders of her father and stepmother in 1892. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetary.
Emeril Lagasse, the famous chef is from Fall River, MA. BAM!
I went to see the "Portas da Cidade" in Fall River and sat on the bench and ate a malassada.
by 67twinturbo February 25, 2009

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