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One who doesn't really hurt themselves just to "Grab Attention" but to draw there attention away from tragedy's that happen to them, some of out parents where killed...others abused us. No..we do not hate ourselves, or wish to kill ourselves. But what we do does express how we feel...and even the word Emo doesn't mean anything, its just a term used to describe people like us...its the same as calling a Mexican Person a wet-back...very hurtful. Most people hate us because they think where freaks, but they dont understand why we do it. Not many people do.
Emo Poser: Dood look at my wrist theres so many scars on them!!
True Emo: Just shut up, you give people like us a bad name.
Random Person: stfu you attention whore!
True Emo:...If he only knew.
by 666over777 December 05, 2007

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