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10 definitions by 666-667

A very good reason to die - And very nice excuse to abuse ur gf pockects
Inspector: He was jobless. He killed himself cause he was broke, his wallet is grimey and old.
by 666-667 January 03, 2008
16 39
Something or someone whos is able to produce.
I fucked ur wife yesterday, youre gonna have more kids.
Damn youre a real producer.
by 666-667 January 01, 2008
22 48
Hovas first Chance to finish his virginiy.
Hova: Yo b, what u got for meh, show me what u got
Beyonce: Well, this is irreplaceable
Hova: Shit, Im a survivor.
by 666-667 January 01, 2008
39 269