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A complete idiot who doesn't realize that their political beliefs will bring the downfall of humanity. Also accuses you of being racist if you do not support Obama because of his beliefs. Does not believe in capitol punishment (it's Biblical.) Is pro abortion (at least give the kids a chance, there's always adoption), is usually pro gay marriage (the definition of marraige is a MAN and a WOMAN!) likes to bailout failed companies with money they don't have supports wellfare (given your money to people who sit around doing drugs all day.) all around a messed up person.
Oh crap, the U.S. is out of money. Where did it go? Oh ya, I remember, the democrats gave it all away!
by 661republican March 22, 2009
When you and a bunch of your friends get in a big circle, everyone has a vault in their hands. Everyone shakes up their vault. Someone yells vault and everyone througs up their vault really high, catches it, opens it, and chugs it. When you finish you through down your empty can and shout out a deep, manly yell. The first one to finish wins. Barfing is possible but rare.
Dude, I'm still feeling it from when were vaulting last night.
by 661republican February 02, 2009
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