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Nammers are of the Vietnamese Ethnicity. They are known to be very organised in crime. They are usually armed and dangerous. Nammers are cocky and tend to start many fights. The younger ones try to act like the older one, so they too hold weapons. They cannot fight by themselves, so they call down their backup to do twice as much damage. Nammer guys usually wear expensive clothing and are usually drug dealers. Nammer woman tend to wear very expensive clothing also, designer bags are most popular within the Vietnamese woman. Nammers are currently at war with Flips and Chinese. Dont Fuck Around. p.s. to "notnammerandproud" he can suck my dick.
"Du ma some kids want beef, call up Tony Tran and all of them. Meet up at Pho Tao Bay"

"Those Flips got fuckin chopped by the Nammers yo!"
by 66'z August 10, 2006

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