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What one (figuratively) eats when suffering a particularly humiliating, galling or bitter defeat. From the ugly "taste in one's mouth" that is the result of such a defeat. Similar to eat shit, but representing an overall defeat rather than a single setback or mishap.
Billy-bob thought he would beat Jimmy-Joe in the annual cousin-fuckin' contest, but he ran out of spooge toward the end and he ate shit pie.

Billy-Bob: "yo, cuz, you win that race from Hooterville to Mayberry?
Jimmy-Joe: "Goddamn Dukes of Hazard showed up in General Lee, so I ate shit pie, Dawg.
by 6079 Smith W March 22, 2005
The sound made by Mary Poppins during orgasm.
Burt the Chimneysweep: 'Ere now Mary darlin', I'm about to blow me nut in yer luvverly quim, pet!

Mary Poppins: Chim chim cheree!
by 6079 Smith W March 23, 2005
1. Testicles
2. The qualities usually associated with masculinity or "balls": courage, toughness, agressiveness, etc.
1. If my biatch catched me out huntin' pussy with you foos she cut off my monkey glands.

2. Dude, grow some monkey glands! My little sister would drop in on this ramp.
by 6079 Smith W March 24, 2005
Having an erection, poppin' a boner, sportin' wood, etc.
Billy-Bob, that cock-teasin' bitch had me riding a rocket all night at the drive-in, but I wound up floggin' my own meat after she said "let's be friends."
by 6079 Smith W March 21, 2005
From Mountain/Dirt Biking. Irregularly shaped rocks about 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Too big to roll over easily like gravel and too large and unstable to balance on. Just smaller and less dangerous than the dreaded baby head.
Dude, I kept my shit together on that stretch of death cookies but I ate shit completely when I hit the baby heads!
by 6079 Smith W March 23, 2005
A state of engorgement of the penis between completely flaccid and fully erect. Often observed just after sex, during moderate sexual stimulation or just after waking up (as opposed to a full-on morning missile).
Shit, Billy-Bob, I got me a serious puffer lookin' at Daisy Duke's ass. I'm about one minute away from a complete woody.

C'mon, honey, just gimme a couple licks on this puffer and I'll fuck you back into the stone age before breakfast!
by 6079 Smith W March 21, 2005
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