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1.To shoot someone. Usually in a gangsta fashion with your gun sideways in cold blood.
2. A commical way to say you shot someone
1.Im gonna busta cap in that biatch
2. Yo nigga, lets busta cap in those fools.
by 6 gig February 17, 2003
1. The name for someone who has mad ninja skills
2. Nickname for someone who is in martial arts
"DAMN man that guy must be some kind of ninjor"

"werd up ninjor, did you enjoy kicking everyone's ass with your ninja skills?"
by 6 gig February 17, 2003
1. To injure or kill someone with bruce lee style martial arts skills.
2. To unleash your ninja rage on someone to has pissed you off or has inferior ninja skills
"my boss fired me today, im gonna ninjafy is ass"
by 6 gig February 17, 2003

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