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one partner hot karls the other, then dips the first three fingers of each hand in the poo. The dirty fingered partner then wipes the fingers, starting directly under the nose, out and down, at a 45 degree angle from the nostril, stopping at the bottom lip,to create a poo mustache. volia, the sam elliot.
it was incredible, i had this freaky ho, lauren, and she was cool with the hot karl, but, surprise surprise she got the sam elliot. I loved, she...not so much.
by 5th squad January 16, 2008
not to be confused with the Sam Elliot, it also starts with a hot karl, and the dipping of the first three fingers on both hands in the poo. The dirty fingered partner then places both sets of fingers directly below the nose and proceeds to wipe out and down, again at a 45 degree angle, and continues to the collar bone... and pow, the Paul sr. is born.
lauren begged me to give her the Paul Sr., but i couldn't go through with it.
by 5th squad January 16, 2008
this daring maneuver is the pinical of poo. starting with the Sam Elliot or the Paul Sr., as soon as one of the afore mentioned moves is completed the wiping partner then leans in for a sloppy kiss.
lauren moved in to seal the deal with the Super Trooper, and i thought no way. I punched her in the mouth.
by 5th squad January 16, 2008

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