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1) Someone who will have sex with you when nobody else will

2) Someone who won't speak to you even when everyone else will
I needed a lay so I called my ex.
by 5p1k3 November 20, 2003
what will keep you from having sex for at least a week.
Damn, she got the red sea. Time to look at some porn.
by 5p1k3 November 19, 2003
Military and law enforcement term for what happens after you are shot with a Hydra Shok
SWAT Officer 1: Hostile down.
SWAT Officer 2: His brains splattered on the wall looks like two people dancing.
SWAT Officer 1: Yeah, now that you say it, it does sorta look like that.
by 5p1k3 November 19, 2003

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