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Term used to describe a type of party, show, or Rave where thousands of Ravers, Junglist, Club Kids, and Kandy Kids would flock to from miles away to attend. Most Massives feature world renown artist or D.J.s, held in large event centers, and are known about many months in advance. Most commonly pre-sale tickets have to be bought due to these events usually selling out.
"Dude, did you go to that sick Massive last week?"
"Yeah, I went broke going to Nocturnal Wonderland, but Dieselboy was hella worth it!"
by 5p1ic3 September 16, 2004
The only term one can use to describe the stench eminating from a Raver after a party. The odor in question is usually a combination of sweat, B.O., smoke, body spray, deoderant, and anything else encountered during the endless hours of dancing in a single night.
1. The car was being hot-boxed with Raver-funk on the car ride home from the party.
2. Her favorite pair of phat pants permanently reeked of Raver-funk.
3. "I can taste the Raver-funk!"
by 5p1ic3 September 16, 2004

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