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A mysterious girl, she’s very beautiful, smart and wonderful. She can be quiet with a person, or loud with a group, but know she isn't sure of what she wants in life. She is an awesome person to be with, and makes you desire to be with her when you’re not. She would deny any compliment you'd make about her, which makes her seem something that so many people on Earth could learn from; modest. She has guts, which sometimes makes her look naughty. (While she seems innocent at the first glance) Family is everything for her, and sometimes this takes the place of a friend. Sometimes she seems shy, but know that at that moment her world is upside down. Sometimes she can be hasty, judgmental, and too sure of her actions, but doesn’t everyone? She is very curious towards the future, though exceptionally hesitant to take action. Elisa is impossible, and you’re not worthy of her if you give up on her.
"Who is she?" "Oh. Her name is Elisa." "She looks cute, can you tell me about her?" "That's gonna take me one and a half year..."
by 5hady blu3 December 25, 2012

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