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Rarely gets on, Worthless driod engineer. Likes to have sex with random women at walmart, Has more STD's than Paris Hilton, Also he is very hickish
TMA Doncaster: Can you craft me a droid Heath?
TMA Heath: I canceled my subscription because im a complete hick, and I need to pay off my medical bills to cure my Gonorrhea
TMA Golobulus: FUCKING NIGGER, Im being niggerized!!
by 565452345 November 20, 2006
Known to lag people out of vents because of his excessive talking,
SFX Wyld has left the server
TMA Doncaster: Kitaro must have been talking to much
TMA Golobulus: AHH I got killed my a NIGGER JEW!!! AHH NIGGERIZED
TMA Jonno: :Muffle::Muffle:
TMA Doncaster: WTF?
SFX Zero has left the server
SFX Kitaro has joined the Channel
by 565452345 November 20, 2006

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