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Formspring is the perfect website for egotistical freaks that are also overly paranoid about maintaining the illusion that they are Jesus Christ, when really, they are just a little 5 year old girl trapped in a teenagers body. These people that use Formspring are usually people that are so worried about what people think of them that they believe that using the internet as a medium of receiving valid information about deeply considered opinions and thoughts is a good idea.Really? I am pretty sure this is how an internet flame war or a troll orgy starts. These people also don't realize that nobody really gives two shits about asking them a question on Formspring when really there are many alternatives such as vis-a-vis communication, text message, IM such as MSN,AIM,Yahoo,Google or even Facebook chat. If you have a formspring account, please go into My Computer, click on your hard drive(C:) and go to Windows and then delete system32. Please, your computer wants you to kill it for implementing the horrible process of becoming a paranoid egotistical shit stain such as yourself.
Maya: OH MY GOD STAN CHECK OUT MY FORMSPRING!!!!! its www.formspring.me/mayasomethingsomethingsomething

Stan: Wow, check out mine:

Maya: Hey, thats mean! Come on, please check it out? <3

Stan: No, fuck off, nobody cares that your so self centered as to go and create a page where anyone including internet trolls can destroy what little self esteem you must have.
by 564564563412314564864531523484 August 23, 2010

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