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A website that might be fairly decent if the following were removed:

1. 12 year olds pretending to be 16
2. 12 year old camwhores
3. Kids pretending to be emo
4. Crappy music that starts automatically when you open the page
5. 50 year old pedophiles
6. Profiles that crash your computer by using 50 million animated flashing things saying stuff like "princess", "bad girl", etc.
7. Z0mg s33 my n3w p1cs plzzzzz!!!!!!!
8. Stupid emo quotes under the pictures of half naked 13 year olds
9. 0mfg 1 g0t m0r3 fr13ndz than u!!!!!!!
10. Girls that act like sluts, emos, cheerleaders etc.
11. Middle aged people that think they're being "hip"
1. That 16 year old doesn't look 16 years old...
2. That 12 year old camwhore took a weird angled picture of herself in a bikini.
3. That wannabe emo kid made his whole profile page black and droned on and on about how life sucks
4. Wtf? I didn't wanna hear that crappy music!
5. "Ohhhhhh! That 13 year old boy is so hot!", drooled the creepy old pedophile.
6. This idiot crashed my computer by elaborately telling us that she's a princess.
7. Z0mg s33 my n3w p1cs plzzzzz!!!!!!! *translation* Oh my god! Please look at my new pictures that I posted on my MySpace profile.
8. *Picture of a little kid in a bikini*

"What's the point of happiness it's pursuit makes you sad?

9. 0mfg 1 g0t m0r3 fr13ndz than u!!!!!!! *translation* Oh my fucking god! I have more friends on myspace than you do.
10. Wow, this fat girl is trying too hard to convince people that she's a cheerleader.
11. *old grandpa voice* "Oh hot diggity! I'm just like the youngins, and I can stalk 13 year old boys too! *dentures fall out of his mouth*
by 56 year old pedophle May 21, 2009
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