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Carchitecture is architecture that is car-centric, like drive-thrus street side parking lots, strip malls, single story businesses, and most building types or rules dedicated to drive by traffic. Also, safety islands, mandated set-backs, cul-de-sacs, fenced in parking, highway fuel stops and rest areas. Often the needs of people are secondary or non-existent to the needs of the car in a carchitecture environment. Exists mostly in the exurbs, or in suburbia. May cause depression and antisocial behavior.
I can't stand how everything is so far away from your house even though it's right next door! Because of all this friggin' carchitecture I have to walk around three fences to get a quart of milk. Next time I go I'm bringing my wire cutters.
by 55lowness November 02, 2009
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