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a slipknot fan is a fan of a famous and not mainstream nu metal band composed of nine (sic) mothafuckers from iowa, someone who has an impcible taste in music , a better human being then the last to people with definitions , someone who doesnt give a shit wat u think , also known as a maggot to explain that ill take a quote from slipknot-metal.com "Joey often uses the phrase 'maggot' to call his band mates. The word was then used by Slipknot's fans as a way of referring to each other. It basically means that the fans feed off their music". Its not a demeaning label like most people think it is.
EX:(if u r a slipknot fan u live by this)
"fuck it all,fuck this world
,fuck everything you stand for
,dont belong , dont exist, dont give a shit,
dont ever judge me" that is a slipkot fan
stay (sic) fuckers thats not an insult
by 555maggot666 August 31, 2006

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