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a place full of diff. races mostly black and mexican, a few crack head white people. mostly pot heads and a few G heads
also a very good party spot
wow the other night i was in western mannor, i got so high damn some black guy got shoot in the leg and two cars got stolen damn its getto.
by 520cg September 10, 2007
the hardest working, sexiest, smartest race you will ever know, non job stealing people. do jobs that white people think are icky and nasty and dont want to hurt there little white hands on!!!!!
white person 1: did you see that mexican doing my yard
white person 2: yea they are hard workers they do the jobs we dont want
white person 1: he is so stupid i only pay him 7$ to do my yard stupid spic
mexican 1: you know that white guys yard i do
mexican 2: wich one you do like 3 or 4 yards
mexican 1: the one with the pool foo
the two mexicas have a good time
mexican 2: oh yea the one that uner pays you
what about him
mexican 1: he left so i went inside and boned his hot 16 year old, and his wife.
by 520cg September 10, 2007
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