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Any individual who has left school at the age of nine and is already wearing giant basket ball shirts and tent-sized shorts. A desire to have unprotected intercourse with as many 'bitches' as possible is essential. The individual will not be educated or employed. Instead they will sell crack to buy tasteless bling. This must be as large and crass as possible to ensure all other gangsta's know how much crack said gangsta has sold to children in his ghetto or hood. Controlling haphazard prostitute rings is also a glorified past-time of the moden gangsta, as is shooting innocent men, women and children during drive-bys. Having no taste in music or cuisine is a must, along with no desire to better oneself. The gangsta can be defined as any person who believes a chosen lifestyle of drugs, prostitution and murder is a good thing. Not to be confused with Italian gangsters - portrayed in epic trilogy The Godfather - who run intricate but violent crime empires under an Italian code of honour. And don't dress like The Tweenies.
Fo shizzle dat gangsta's been bangin caps in his bitches
#gangster #gangsta #gang-affiliated #gang #banger
by 50 Nurp February 25, 2008
Humanoid BBC daytime children's TV characters Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo. Popular with toddlers and students on drugs, the 'gang' wear ridiculously oversized luminous clothing because their feet and heads are so fucking big. The new Teletubbies.
Q: 'Who the fuck are The Tweenies?' A: They're Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo
#kids tv #tweenies #tween #teletubbies #bbc
by 50 Nurp February 26, 2008
A pile of bloody tampons and human excrement commonly found on British railway lines having been ejected from a train's toilet.
Look out the window at that rat's feast!
#rat #tampon #shit #pile #poo #dung
by 50 Nurp February 26, 2008
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