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(Tell a person to leave)
If you don't like somebody just tell them beat it
by 50 Cent March 23, 2003
Anson Pham's massive chest
by 50 cent March 31, 2003
n. - The combination of booty, dick, and pussy.
Damn, it smells like boodussy up in this room.
by 50 Cent March 22, 2003
shiznik does not meen a gangster it is sumthing that is awsome!!!
Yo dat cars the shiznik!!
by 50 cent May 11, 2003
A pimp from Beantown that gets all the hoes on da block;plus runs his school, otherly known as "Da shit"
That pimp over thurr is makin it happen he's "Da shit"!!
by 50 Cent November 14, 2003
Let's go
The cops broke up the party lets skeet skirt
by 50 Cent March 23, 2003
a "unit" refers to a man's penis.
Damn, that foo jas a big unit.
by 50 Cent March 07, 2005
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