49 definitions by 50 cent crack dealer

Abbreviated name for a douchebag.

Practitioner and connoisseur of all things related to douchebaggery. Frequent consumer of items such as Formula 50 Energy Drink, Boost Mobile and Tag Body Spray.
Please turn down the ringtone, okay 'shbag?

And no, I am not your bro.
by 50 cent crack dealer November 06, 2007
Those Cracker-Jack-box Diamonique stud earrings that any poser buck will wear.

Manitory dress code for anyone with a recording or sports contract.

Usually worn with the standard accoutrements such as the tall tee, do-rag, MLB hat cocked at an angle, grill, T-Mobile phone and a white girl.
Why spend your "gub-mint check" on things like child support, student loans or car insurance when you can proudly moisten your lips in public while sportin' some buck studs?
by 50 cent crack dealer May 12, 2008
Useless printed instuctions and manuals.
Originated in England during World War II when English soldiers were overwelmed with unnecessary printed materials and used them as they would toilet tissue or "bum fodder".
My new CD-ROM drive came with 40 pages of bumpf. Oprah's magazine makes good bumpf.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 31, 2003
Bastardized ebonic version of motherfucker. One who has coitus with their own mother.
They say that cat shaft is a bad muhfugga. Shut you mouth. I'm just talkin' 'bout shaft.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 18, 2003
A piece of ass. Popularized by the movie "Pootie Tang".
Dag, I'm one horny muhfugga. I gots ta gets me some pootie tang.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 18, 2003
The manditory "kissy" face that is made when you take a picture of yourself to post on any of those popular social networking web sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

This usually includes a backhanded sideways peace hand sign while snapping a picture on a cellphone in front of a bathroom mirror with a toilet clearly visible in the background.

When posted, this photo must have a description typed in txt msg language to appear k3wl.
check da puckerpose on my page u dont lk it den u juss a hatah

(: .!.if you dont like me for who i am;then dont even bother tlkin to me;cuz i aint changing for no onee!*.anythingg else ? ;; get@me ..!
by 50 cent crack dealer December 08, 2008
Where my baby's mama takes me when I get get a hold of some checks out of old people's mailboxes. They will give me da money for a small fee wit no questions axed.
I'mo get a ride down da check cashin' place and take my cheddar down da club where i can pick up some white women.
by 50 Cent Crack Dealer August 09, 2004

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