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To drive at a speed of 55 mph.
Oh crap, it's the cops. I better 55 to avoid a ticket.
by 5'11"Racer December 19, 2006
1. to get a grade below the minimum passing grade in school.
2. To drain your bar completely in DDR and lose.
3. Means same thing as sucks.
I failed a math test. Oh crap I'll going to fail the song1 This really fails hard.
by 5'11"racer October 12, 2006
Being far beyond the normal range of heights, over 6'4" male or over 6'0" female.
That guy is 7 feet, that's way too tall.
by 5'11"racer October 06, 2006
Extremely small or tiny.
This TV is dinko. It's only 7 inches.
by 5'11"Racer September 29, 2006
A hard in the groove song full of 16th notes that's 140 BPM and a 12 on expert.
Delirium expert is impossible to pass!
by 5'11"Racer October 01, 2006
1. Zero. Nothing, nada, zilch.
The score is ten to zippo.
by 5'11"racer November 11, 2006
Short for Nintendo, a type of video game.
1. a Nintendo video game system
2. verb- to play a nintendo game.
Let's play some nin. Last night I ninned for 3 hours.
by 5'11"racer October 07, 2006

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