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Projectile Diahorrea condition
If I continue to eat these cheese covered pepperoni sticks, I will be shitting through the eye of a needle at 40 paces by this time tomorrow.
by 4sail July 07, 2006
To ask for a cigarette. Probably originated from the Three's Company TV series when Jack Tripper is trying to act tough in a bar and exclaims "butt me!"
Gord : "Hey Doug....butt me!"
Doug: "You owe me so many cigarettes, buy your own fucking butts"
Gord: "Sorry man, I just wanted to smoke with ya"
Doug: "ok man - here"
Gord: "Light me!"
by 4sail July 17, 2006
Just Fucking Lovely - a positive or negative evaluation on the state of a situation. Often associated with sailing
Joe: The car just rolled backwards into the lake

Gord: Oh, that is JFL


Joe: We got a 20 knot breeze out of the north for tonight's race

Gord: That is JFL
by 4sail July 07, 2006
A code name used when talking about your boss in public. This protects you from the unlikely event that the person at the next table is the boss' next door neighbour, brother, in-law or tennis partner.
Joe: "I hear Bert's new girlfriend has a bit of a coke habit"

Gary: "I'd like to hang that prick over a river of burning acid and give scissors to the last 5 people he has destroyed".

Joe: "Yeah, me too. I hate Bert"
by 4sail July 17, 2006
A euphemism for a tampon, since the wrapper resembles a White Owl cigar
Sue: Gary, can you grab me some tampons at the Drug Store?

Gary: Jesus christ! Why dont you stockpile a few months worth of White Owls. You know you are going to bleed from the gash every 30 days, why the hell don't you ever have any on hand?
by 4sail September 08, 2006
The white crap that accumulates at the corner of people's mouths when they talk excessively and/or have a problem with generating normal amounts of saliva.
Gord: Hey man, you have bad floris.

Doug: (deploying standard thumb and forefinger floris clearing technique) Fuck I just got out of a boardmeeting and none of those bastards mentioned that I had an unsightly buildup of dried, caked spittle at the corners of my mouth.
by 4sail March 24, 2008

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