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2 definitions by 4p£x

n., fem.
French Canadian prejorative term used to designate a girl for whom you don't want to develop a serious relationship with, but still want to have sexual intercourse on many occasions. Most of the time uglier than cute, she is the kind of girl you won't present to anyone. Comes typically with hot friends.
La fille que Ben s'est pognée dans le bar était terrible! Une vrai pourrite.

Y'a juste des pourrites icitte!! Une soirée facile les boys!
by 4p£x December 19, 2010
Putting an end to an SMS conversation especially if your interlocutor is a last texter. Usually it is very hard to respond to such an answer.
Sarah: nat is such a bitch! do u know what she did last night?? i hate her so much!!
Jimmy: haha ok
Sarah: You always try to abort our conversations prematurely... Stop haha-oking me!
Jimmy: haha ok
by 4p£x October 15, 2010