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2 definitions by 4llwn

Greeting, slang, used most commonly in South Africa (subsequently also the source of the term).

Also used as a question, in order to show emotion as well as to find out information about certain things.

Also spelt "whatkyn", "watkyn" or 'kyn".
Donavan: "What kind gents"
Crowd: "Howsit, what's up?"

Hermanus: "I wrapped that blunt in front of that pig ekse"
Flippie: " 'Ell what kind whitchu ekse? Are you stupid?"
by 4llwn November 08, 2010
South African slang used as a greeting or upon asking the state of someone's current situation.

Related closely to the term "What Kind" (sometimes spelt "whatkyn", "watkyn" or 'kyn")
Johan: "What say my bra?"
Enoch: " 'Ell i'm poes tired, yoh"

Hendrik: "Sup bro"
Colin: "What say, what say!"
by 4llwn November 08, 2010