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Someone who labels themselves goth and or punk; yet doesn't know the true meaning of goth/punk. They usually just label themselves that because they think it makes them "cool".
poser goth/punk:"I'm goth. I listen to my chemical romance. I hate my life. And I wear black clothes cause it makes me look goth."


poser goth/punk:"I'm punk. I listen to green day. I wear eyeliner like billie joe cause it makes me look punk."
by 4422 December 08, 2005
A little, annoying, disgusting creature that attemps to sing and act.

WARNING: Do not approach, listen to and or watch.

Side Effects may include - vomiting, bleeding of the ear, deafness, blindness, serious annoyance, siezures, retardation, the want to comit suicide, brainwashing and even death
Talk to your doctor and find out why anything hilary duff is NOT right for you.
by 4422 April 06, 2006

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