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808-state pidgin slang: f.o.b. from japan

1st generation japanese countryman whose 1st language is japanese, and speaks no english, or very little english.
yo, check out them boboras getting off the plane, there all japanese tourist.
by 42GAMI November 16, 2005
japanese translation: lady killer, woman slayer
meaning: womanizer
Nihongo slang: girls use to warn others of a womanizer, men use to describe guys that can hook up with japanese chicks easily.
honto, anata no onna tarashi. "you are a womanizer, really".
so and so is onna tarashi. "so and so is a lady killer".
by 42GAMI November 15, 2005
808-state slang: ethnic japanese girl who speaks litte or no english.

a bobo-san is the male equivilent.
yo, lets go pick up some bobo-chans at the mall, and go back to their hotel for a good time.
by 42GAMI November 16, 2005
definition: description for cash dollars on hand.
pronounce: scripz
origin: carnival scripts for rides.
808-state pidgin slang
examp 1: yo, i cant go the club tonight, im low on scripts.
examp 2: so and so is ballin tonight, he get choke scripts.
by 42GAMI November 14, 2005

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