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Maryland's biggest and most city-like city, which is basically a living identity crisis. East Baltimore is one of the most unsafe places in all of America. Known for its drugs and STDs, many tourists and even Marylanders are fortunate enough to not experience the horrors of East Baltimore. Ironically, this section of the 410 is also home to Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

West Baltimore, on the other hand, looks like Mecca compared to the East. While you still may feel uncomfortable walking through, there is a much lower probability that people will try to hurt you for doing absolutely nothing. Home to the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Ravens, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Michael Phelps.

In West Baltimore, visiting the National Aquarium or eating crabs from Phillips in the Inner Harbor are popular. In East Baltimore, you'll be experiencing a different kind of crab.
-Hey, wanna hit up Baltimore?

-Sure, sounds good, as long as we don't visit the Hopkins side.
by 410living March 29, 2011
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