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The bulgarian word for "whore" ,is a mispronunciation of "pachavra" ,which means "slut" , "trollop" , "slattern" & etc. .You can often see creatures like this in the chalga industry and its audience.
I'm not goin' to give you money,u low-intelligent pacha.
by 40wek April 20, 2008
Abbreviation of the 2pac's rap album All Eyez On Me
2pac Fan : I think All Eyez On Me is classic in the rap genre.
Noobish 2pac Fan : Well,I haven't heard about album called AEOM.
( 2pac Fan makes shot Noobish 2pac Fan in the back and rape him in the bullet hole untill he dies)
by 40wek April 20, 2008

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