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to slack off and not do your part!
fucking john has been nigga dickin all night, we haven't got shit done!
by 40oz.killa November 07, 2006
a reference manual to all things anal.
i had to refer to the anal dictionary to pull off a proper rusty trombone.
by 40oz.killa December 12, 2007
when you are banging your girl from behind in a doggie style position, you sweep her arms out from underneath her so her face slams the floor. best pulled on hardwood floors or tile.
while i was hammering my friend wife from behind like a ninja i pulled the snowmoblie on her.
by 40oz.killa December 12, 2007
to have sex with a woman or go balls deep!
i think i'm going to get some stink on the hang down!
by 40oz.killa November 08, 2006
a shape that is made when you get three faggots in a shape of a triangle sucking each other fucking cocks! or other wise known as a (circlejerk) triangle jerk
LIL'Donny and Mike and the snaggle tooth vulture from upstairs in a meat triangle
by 40oz.killa January 04, 2008
the phenomenon of being fucked into a euphoric state by a very skilled cocksmith.
"That bitch was all starry-eyed after I hit her with the cosmic dickslap."
by 40oz.killa May 01, 2010
to mine your own bizzness stay out of a convsation!
why don't you go pound sand!!!!!!!!!
by 40oz.killa November 07, 2006

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