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Central California. Where you either drive a lifted or lowered truck. Within a square mile you are related to atleast one person in one way, shape, or form. Either way its where the best of the best reside (at times) and usually move away from once they experience Southern or Northern California.
"Who's that bad ass mother fucker over there?" "Oh that's Shawn, he's from Cen Cal."
by 40 Hands August 29, 2006
The process by which a stingray slices its barb through your sternum, providing just enough time to pull it out, then die.
Steve Irwin got stingrayed. Crikey!
by 40 Hands September 17, 2006
The most down ass drinking group in the world. Members include The Dr., Your Royal Nastiness, Brando, Sleezy Lee, and 40 Hands. They have set out incredible records with beerpong and "stats."
"Ah shit the Pentagon's here? Hide the beer and the girls!"
by 40 Hands August 27, 2006

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