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The ex-player extraordinaire cum ball n chained boyfriend. His spirit lives on in the likes of UKL (pimpin ho's from the reaches of didsbury 2 bowdon-griffin u no tha score!!), Dj Raza aka Tyler- pimpin sisters left,right n centre. Watch out, ya 2 yr old sis cud b next), Flex luthor-walks the walk but can he talk the talk-unproven yet untapped potential, and last but not least, True don 1- a true player by all means. He can turn virginial little girls into full out ho's with the snap of his louis-vuitton-golf gloved finger. This man has true style. They have all learnt well, but can they master the ways of the willy-only time will tell!!
shit man.......there goes willy jenius....legend!!
by 4 the real 7d pimps June 01, 2004

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