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a basketball player outta St. Bonaventure whos got some skillz. He was in the nba for a while but now hes in Europe
"J.R. Bremer had like 20 last night"
by 3pointballer October 29, 2004
an amazing basketball player and athlete. He's only about 5 foot 3 but he can ball with the best of em and has mad range. He played at St. Bonaventure but didnt make the NBA. Hes now playin in France and is one of the top prospects. This dude's got game.
"Yo, did you see Marques Green twickin them 3's last night?"
"Yeah had like 20 or 30!"
by 3pointballer October 28, 2004
to hit jumpers in basketball witout hittin the rim, basically swishin em
"Man that dude was twickin 3's from all over the place"
by 3pointballer October 29, 2004
a and one baller who jus missed makin the squad last year on streetball. He hits 3's and crosses ppl over in a flash. Hes prolly the next best guard wit a handle to hot sauce
"Smoke hit a buzzer beater last night, it was crazy"
by 3pointballer October 29, 2004
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