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An explosive shart.
Phyllis did the mucho burrito and a shartnado ensued.
by 3nothappening January 01, 2016
the act of getting someone excited only to let them down in the most abrupt manner possible.
We got the fluff & flick from the boss today. She told us that if we got the project done by working overtime we could all take tomorrow off. After the project was done she told us that we have a mandatory staff meeting at 9 a.m.

When I got home my wife met me at the door wearing nothing but stiletto's only to tell me that she wanted a divorce.
by 3nothappening June 30, 2011
Self gratification during an experience which is less than hygienic.
After a night of significant alcohol consumption, Alex awoke in his tent to find soot from the earlier evenings fire in his underpants. He then realized he was guilty of committing a dirt jerk.

Alex knew that the handle on the bathroom stall was dirty but personal need got the better of him and the dirt jerk became the only solution.

Heather figured that Alex was a dirt jerker and decided to reject his advances.
by 3nothappening November 24, 2010
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