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A fat lady ( young or adult ) that has beautiful face, but is chonky ( chona=piglike from spanish=pig=cerdo=marrano=coche=chancho=cochino=lechon=puerco)
I like her,but she is barbychona.
its means nice to do her, but to fat for my pleasure or taste.\
But the best blows are from barbychonas. because they are always hungry.
by 3inchesmiami May 25, 2009
an excessive amount of skin covering the vagina, that in order to do sex need to be hold with the hand or hands ;)
she has a great personality and manners but, she has a cuchiflap that is not fun to do her.
by 3inchesmiami November 17, 2009
the classic mother I like to fuck but with a twist using her back door(greek) for a change or challenge.
the mom's of my classmate is good for milfg
by 3inchesmiami July 19, 2009
When someone does not have its own transportation to go to work or another places and do not want to look ugly or cheap in front of some people because has not enough money to pay or afford any private transportation .
Metro or
Wheels (bycicle/bike/skies)
How do you go to school? I take my BMW
by 3inchesmiami July 10, 2012
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