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The effect left on a toilet bowl after a wind-assisted crap. Its usually the result of drinking too much or eating too spicy food.
You must be passing a soft type of stool to start with, then if you happen to break wind towards the end of the crap, the soft stool is seperated as its leaving your anus, into very small pieces (between the size of a pin-head and a garden pea I would say)with the wind your passing too.
The result is the aforementioned brown specs , adhere themselves to the toilet bowl and rim in a random pattern that resembles the style of finish found on many British buildings built between 1930 and 1970.
Pebbledashing is best carried out in other toilets rather than your own , unless of course you employ a house-maid/cleaner to clean your loo.
Pebbledashing at friends houses is a quick way to loose friends.
My 3 favourite Pebbledash Locations.
1/ At work.Because some-one else is paid to clean the toilets,so I see it as job creation.

2/ In higher class hotels.I try to be in the room when the housekeeping staff come in.I like to watch chambermaids having to smile&look like they are enjoying their work,due to the high hotel prices,then see them go in the ensuite bathroom to spruce it up&change the towels.Their faces change when they see the heavily splattered toilet as they know they're going to be cleaning it! Its even better if there's a toilet brush provided but obviously not used, because that says:-
I'm proud of what I've done,its your job to clean the lavvy&not the paying guests! I've found older maids are OK about it (they probably have husbands who do the same at home),but some of the younger ones really dislike cleaning the lavvy after I've just had a good "turn-out" in it.

3/ At home on a friday morning. Our cleaner comes in then,so to ensure she's doing her job,I like to give the toilet in the main bathroom a pebbledashing. If I'm not able to pebbledash,I wriggle my arse to the rear of the hole in the seat, lean forward slightly and release a huge crap all down the back and sides of the bowl. She never dissapoints though&when I return home at night, the whole house is immaculate and all the toilets are gleaming white porcelein, not a skid-mark or bit of pebbledash in sight
by 3_5hits_A_Day July 06, 2010

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