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Jackie is the name of the nicest person in the world. Jackie usually has beautiful blond hair and is amazing in school. EVERYONE loves her. She can get a guy drooling over her in seconds. She is so pretty and is everyones best friend but is also really shy. Jackie is the name of an incredibly beautiful girl that is good in school, is athletic, has an amazing body. Jackies are a rare and mysterious breed. They are soooo nice and super crazy. She is fun to be around and gets ALL of the guys. Everyone loves her and wants to be her. She usually has pretty blond hair, has lots of blonde moments, is very smart and a GREAT singer. Jackies are incredibly beautiful and hilarious and playful and will carry you on their backs up entire flights of stairs. They are very intelligent, and enjoy french things and music. Jackies make the world a better place.
Person 1: Jackies are the best!

Person 2: Yeah, they're my favorite! I love Jackie.

girl 1- Did you hear Jackie sing today?

girl 2- Yes! She has the voice of an angel!
girl 1- She's so awesome!
girl 2- I know and i LOVE her hair!

girl 1: Have you met Jackie yet?
girl 2: Yeah! She's sooo nice!
girl 1: I know right! I love hanging out with her!
by 3OH3! July 14, 2011

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