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3OH!3 is a techno/rap/electronica band that comes straight from Boulder, Colorado. Mostly known by teenagers, 3OH!3's currently most popular song is Don't Trust Me that comes from their 2008 album "WANT" They can brag that they sold a million singles of Don't Trust Me on iTunes. Their first big tour happened to be the Warped Tour of 08. In 2009 they appeared in the Alternative Press Tour with The Maine, Family Force 5, A Rocket to the Moon, and Hit the Lights. They will be appearing in the 2009 Warped Tour. 3OH!3 consists of two men, Nathaniel Warner Seth Motte and Sean Matthew Foreman. These two men met in a physics class when they were forced to work together. Sean was MCing at the time and Nathaniel was DJing. They combined their talent to get the birth of 3OH!3. The name of 3OH!3 is from the area code where they are from in Colorado, 303. They have a signature hand sign where you put your thumbs together, index fingers together to make an "o" shape with the rest of your fingers sticking out. Nathaniel said they got this hand sign from a biker gang.
Person 1: Dude have you heard of 3OH!3?

Person 2:Oh my god, yes! I love them.
by 3OH!3's biggest fan May 10, 2009

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