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Comical mispronunciation of nuclear. Most commonly used by George W. Bush and Homer Simpson.
Nucular. It's pronounced, 'nucular'.
by 390809826 August 30, 2004
Four things really:

Video games-Good games at first, gets kinda boring/old later.

TCG-An okay tcg...for a while.

Anime-I'll admit, I used to LIKE this. Soon enough, its boring cycles of same thing over and over made me want to vomit (and I think I did...)

Other products-Mostly half-assed things to milk money

As a whole now, it is a terrible franchise.
Video Games-New Pokémon game! Now with some more POkémon that are too many to count! We used to make games with good strategic quality but not anymore!

Anime (if you can CALL it that)-Episodes #60-13086028609: Ash and gang meet people. Stuff happens. Team Rocket attacks once or twice and are blown away for the billionth time. End. Repeat.

Other stuff-Pokémon GLUE! Sold for much higher price for having a Pikachu on it!
by 390809826 August 04, 2004

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