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Beautiful, age-old creatures that evolved alongside humans. Pale skinned and incredibly strong. Have been known to leave hand prints in cars by pure accident. If a Vampire feeds on human blood their eyes are blood red normally and black when they are thirsty. Where as if a Vampire feeds on animal blood their eye colour normally is a golden butterscotch colour. Vampires can come out in the day though seem even more beautiful in the sunlight so they prefer to keep out of the public eye when the sun is out. This is why most vampires tend to live in the colder less sunny areas of the world. To become a vampire you must be bitten but left alive. It takes a lot of restrain for a vampire not to take all your blood whilst doing this. Once bitten it takes up to three days for the venom to spread. Time preiod depens on the closeness of the bite to the heart. During this three day period victims are often delirious and not many can remember much of their time except an extremely painful burning. NOTE: BECOMING A VAMPIRE DOES NOT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL, VAMPIRES OFTEN CHOOSE EXTRODINARY HUMANS AS THEIR COMPANIONS AS AN INSTINCT, VAMPIRISM JUST MAKES THIS BEAUTY MORE PRONOUNCED.
For the first year of a vampire's life they will be less pale and red-eyed. This is due to the human blood remaining in their veins. Due to the blood new vampires are incredibly strong but this does not mean they are any less thirsty. Vampires cannot have children, A vampires body is frozen in the stae of when he/she was bitten. If a woman was pregnant at the time she would remain pregnant for eternity. Vampires cannot sleep and essentially do not need to breathe though many prefer to as their sense of smell would be affected. Some vampires gain extra senses on changing into a vampire. This is because, like their hearing, smell, eyesight etc, their characteristics are intensified. For Example a particularly charismatic person may gain the abilty to influence peoples emotions or someone who was quite good at reading emotions may be able to hear the thoughts of those around them.
I noticed the new boy in my chemistry class was extrodinarily beautiful. His Butterscotch eyes seemed to smoulder as he stared blankly at his textbook. I thought his name in my head and his eyes flickered to meet mine. I turned away, embarassed..
Little did I know, He and his angel-like family, were vampires
by 384ujrnd January 17, 2007
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