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Using pube clippings as a Hitler Mustache after shaving a girl’s over grown bush.
Sure I came home drunk and threw potted plants around the house, but my roommate lightened up when I pulled off a schtupt schtofel and marched around the house singing third riche songs.
by 38 March 17, 2003
The act of waiting for terri schaivo to die, then fucking her in the ass removing the last bit of nurishment she had, then fucking her feeding tube hole with it, and when you are about to pop, you defibrulate her and spunk in her mouth bringing her back to life
james cant wait for her to die so he can pull a fishnasty on her ass
by 38 March 29, 2005
The side effect after being sodomized with Winnie the Pooh’s favorite lubricant.
She was confined to the bathroom in the Sunset Palace with a terminal case of honey drip.
by 38 March 17, 2003
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