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A Hoover Crip gang in Dallas, TX, mostly in tha Oak Cliff area (Southwest) they wear blue & green like the old Duurty-Town Mavericks colors. 362 means "CUZZ", reference to tha word Crips use to say "friend" or "bro". The 3=C, the 3rd letter in the alphabet, I don't know how 6 equals U, but the 2=ZZ, 2, the first number of 26. 26=Z, also 2 could mean 2 Z's and the 2 is shaped like a Z... Ya gotta be a 362 to undastand. They hold up somethin that looks like the Blood sign but all the fingas that stick up are separated and they throw up a upside-down C. Its believed to been started at T.W Browne Middle school, the worst middle school in disd
362 Hoova Representa, cuzz. Slob killa, P.I.R.U (Pussy In Red Uniform) killa, I dare a slob to charge me up, I'ma lay dat muthafucca out, ya heard me, cuzz? Keep it on C-Side!
by 362er February 04, 2010

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