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Smoke a joint.
Inhale marijuana.
"Let's bunn a ting guy"
"What r u saying?" 'nothing just bunnin' a ting'
by 3604life May 05, 2007
See: "Faussie".
Can appear to be emotionally stable but is very unlikely to be true.
"What a fauz."
"Hey we don't serve fauz's like you around here"
"Shutup fauz you don't have an opinion."

Pronounced Faw-ze
by 3604life May 05, 2007
A pound of marijuana
453 grams, 16 ounces
used normally on the phone
"u have a nut?"
by 3604life May 05, 2007
The light part of a siren. Positioned normally on top of an emergency vehicle, lights usually spin in sequence.
"Look at how many cherries there are"
"If it wasn't for his cherries no one would have seen him"
by 3604life May 06, 2007
The collaberation of the words "Skank" and "Fauz" which is short for 'Faussie'. Applies most frequently to sluts.
"What a skaz."
"Get out of here you skaz."

Pronounced Skaw-ze
by 3604life May 05, 2007

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