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Meglomaniac hell bent on the eradication of pedophiles. Also creator and head of the "Pheonix Society" an orginization with similar intrests. FBI crypologysts are still attempting to break thier code to decypher when and where they will strike down thier next victim... As of Monday, July 6th 2006 the pedophile death toll by thier hands is at 216, along with 59 convicted rapesist and 6 suspected ones.

Authorities urge people not to attempt to capture him on thier own. Vigilanteism is exactly what he does, and perpetuating such activites will be no help.
Channel 7 News at 9 "In an astonishing display of vigilanteism, 2 convicted child molesters were found dead in an abandoned warehouse in the red light district today. Authorities have not released thier names yet, but have releaced that both individuals were recently releaced from prison, and thier presence was unwelcome in this neighborhood. Police also informed us that the 2 victims were unknown to each other, and there was a note that indicated this may have been the latest strike from the Phoenix Society orginization, headed by an individual known only to authorites as Elmin.

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