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a common masturbation term used in the christian world when priests get mad at the altar servers for being bad little boys.fluff your garfield
Let me lick your leg!!! DAMNIT!! GO BEAT YOUR JESUS!!! *wispers to self* fucking incoherent boys
by 315 & T-Dog! March 27, 2003
a downer, something that will make you depressed...
dag yo, she just took it in the butt
dag yo, my shoes are stuck in that kid's ass!
by 315 & T-Dog! February 28, 2003
doughnut puncher...to the uber max, sometimes a shway dude...but mainly just a chez ass doughnut puncher
yo, do u know who Smythe is?
yea, he's a doughnut puncher...says shway a lot...thinks kandy is fun to stick up his cornhole...i bashed him in the dome piece
dag yo
by 315 & T-Dog! March 28, 2003
stacy is a fucking donut puncher
yo, don't be a fucking donut puncher...u just said fluff your jesus
by 315 & T-Dog! March 27, 2003
an exclamation used during anal sex
oh my god, my ass is bleeding
oh my god, that's in my butt
by 315 & T-Dog! February 28, 2003

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