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A n00b/noob is that annoying fat kid on xbox live that is yelling at everyone through the crappy mic and ends up with the lowest kill in the history of man, they are the ones that mess up a good match by teamkilling with flamethrowers or making your team lose the match by 1 point because they accidently walked off the edge of a cliff. Usually aged 8-14 and have nothing better to do than attempting internet greatness through the exessive and pointless use of crap lolcat pictures and animations that are so over used it makes you want to vomit (ps: i love lolcats with a passion but i am referring to the ones for example the cat with a sniper rather than the funny intellegent pictures)
n00b = suckish
cartman if he played online....n00b
by 310alucard March 03, 2009

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