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A watered down poor excuse for a metal genre that claims to mix extreme metal and Hardcore punk but really adds Emo, Screamo, Pop and Glam as well. A sorry metal sub genre that falsifies the idea of punk metal into crappy crybaby new generation "brutal" pop metal. Emos and Scene Kids mostly listen to this type of music. Typically, Metalcore = Emo Metal & Deathcore = Scene Metal. Its a band wagon genre like Glam Metal and Rap, people fallow it to the end of its popularity and go back to listening to something usually non-metal related. But not always, sometimes they mature their Heavy Metal music tastes and find better music. Core kids often refer this type of music to Post Hardcore, the name states what it is, "WASN'T" hardcore.
Some of these bands try to label themselves as Grindcore or Thrash but are far from the idea of ever being so.

The genre has motivated a bunch of kids to start these types of bands and fill the underground scene with terrible ill-prepared wanna be in a band type music.
August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Bring me the Horizon, Attack Attack, All That Remains , Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada and Black Veil Brides are uber pathetic talentless Metalcore bands that core kids listen to and try to share with you before you kick their ass.
by 30IF13F February 14, 2013

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