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to get a boner
yo man me and my homes sprung mad bs last night
yo dancin makes me spring bs lelft and right
quit it! im gonna spring a b
by 3000labels September 17, 2009
An adolescent who seeks the approval of the "stoner" or "skater" crowd by wearing clothes of the BOBS chain stores. Bobs Gangsters strictly wear tight jeans, hoodies with obnoxious logos and odd designs, and cheaply immitated fitted hats. All clothes are strictly bought at BOBS.
bobs gangsters are usually unattractive people who have no friends and dress like hoodlems.
bobs gangster's barks are much stronger than their bites. meaning, they may talk and act obnoxiously, however, are quite wimpy at heart
by 3000labels July 20, 2009
A combination of buffalo bill and the goat. During a buffalo goat, a man tucks his penis behind his thighs, only showing a triangle of pubic hair. He then proceeds to quickly turn around, thus giving the audience "the goat," completing the buffalo goat. Preferably done on chatroulette or in public.
"Is that a guy or a woman."

"Dude, it's a woman. Wait, maybe it is a dude."

(Gives buffalo goat)

"Yeah, that's a dude."
by 3000labels May 20, 2010
Birth of a mind, or new style of thinking.
unhappy people may undergo psychogenesis and become mentally or socially "different"
by 3000labels May 20, 2010

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