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Acronym for dad i`d like to fuck
"Geez, that man`s such a DILF"
by 300 grenades February 25, 2008
The weenis on your knee cap
"Wow, my neenis is particuly stretchy today!"
by 300 grenades February 25, 2008
The act of getting someone to shit down your peehole and then you piss out the shit into their mouth while you scratch their nipples and tug on their testicles
"Once i was shviking really hard and i farted"
by 300 grenades February 26, 2008
The act of shoving a girls boob up your asshole for sexuall pleasure
"I bumboobed jenna so hard last night that her boob came off!"
by 300 grenades February 25, 2008
1)The phrase you say when odin does something funny 2)The phrase you say when your really bored and you have nothing else to say
Odin: "Fuck off guys!!! I`m trying to get to sleep!!!" Person: "lol odin!"
by 300 grenades February 25, 2008
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