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2 definitions by 30' something

A bond between two people; One person works to create/maintain love and fufillment while the other person waits for something better to come along.
An example of a typical relationship would be your ex(s) and you.
by 30' something March 17, 2007
Good enough to hang out with but not good enough to fuck (usually due to lack of good looks). A step up is friends with benefits which is good enough to fuck but not good enough to date (usually due to lack of social/economic status).
Ahmed: "You get anywhre with that girl? You must! She was alone at your place all night!"

Ping: "Nah, she'd rather be just friends. Said so herself! I did see that she was wearing a green g-string when she reached over for another glass of the Champagne!"
by 30' something March 21, 2007