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(in surfing)
a maneuver which consists of when riding a wall, quickly turning back the opposite way and then turning again to original direction.
(probably only makes sense to you if you surf, sorry)
'i did this epic cut back on a huge 4 meter wave yesterday, but i got wiped out'
by 3'buenos'14's December 26, 2009
'prostitute' or 'whore' in spanish.
Also commonly used as 'bitch'.
'es una puta'
she's a prostitute/whore/bitch/slut
by 3'buenos'14's December 26, 2009
loser department basically school! a school that no one likes and is full of loserish nobs(people that really have no life whatsoever)
'DUDE, we got LD tomorrow, i really feel like skippin'
'c you at the LD on monday'
by 3'buenos'14's December 26, 2009

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